Friday, April 17, 2009


Charlie successfully breastfeeding for 4 whole minutes - simply amazing!

Charlie taking 19 cc's from his bottle with no spitting - so exciting!

Nurse Dee crying tears of joy when she came in tonight and heard of all Charlie's progress  - priceless!

It never ceases to amaze us that so many of Charlie's nurses really love him and truly advocate for him just as much as we do. It is something that we never really expected, but do not know what we would do without. We have been so blessed to come in contact with so many wonderful people throughout this journey - not only our super nurses, but the doctors, our blog followers, Baby K's parents...  Our life has really been changed for the better because of our CDH experience!


Maxton's Mommy said...

:-) Right there with you... the night Max passed it was like 10:00ish when we decided we would be turning things off. His main nurse left at 7:30 and they called her and she came back to be with us... She was the one who carried him to me to hold. I tell you, I love that woman. NICU nurses have a special place in my heart because i think most of them truly do love their patients! Glad you have one of the good ones!
by the way- glad to hear your little guy is eating! WOO!

Tracy Meats said...

Praying Charlie keeps up with eating and continues to increase his intake everyday!! Way to go Charlie!!

Tracy Meats - Ian's mom from CHERUBS

Bridget said...

Way to be Charlie!!