Sunday, April 26, 2009

great feeding day

Charlie took 5 feedings today: 2 bottle and 3 breast. Each bottle was a full 60 cc's - he is allowed 75, but has never taken that much. And the breastfeedings got progressively better as the day went on. We have been turning his feeding drip on at 10pm, but he was wide awake and hungry so we decided to throw in another real feeding instead. It was the best he had ever breastfed! He did lose 20 grams since his last weight check on Wednesday, but that it not much. And his glucose checks have all been good, so his blood sugar is holding steady. SO... keep your fingers crossed that our upward trend continues! :-)

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Tracy Meats said...

Fingers crossed that the upward trend continues!!! That is wonderful Charlie is doing so good with his feeds...he is only going to get better.

Tracy - Ian's mommy