Sunday, April 12, 2009

Charlie is "Eggs-tra Special"

Happy Easter! Charlie had a decent weekend and we feel like we have a little more direction and understand where we are going. We knew from the beginning that feedings were going to be an issue and would become a bump in our road - as we got to the end of last week, we were starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the pace things were moving because we did not really understand what the intentions were. With the removal of the picc line and the regular increasing of the drip feeds, we were starting to worry that we would be pushed out the NICU door without feeling like we had a good grasp on how to eat for real, without a feeding tube. Going home with a feeding tube is a possibility, but Dr. Marr assured us it would not be the NJ tube that he currently has. If they feel it is necessary, they will have a GJ tube surgically implanted. While this is a surgical procedure, it is not a tube precariously taped to his face that we would be constantly worried about messing up. And we will be giving more attention to real feedings as well in the coming days, weeks. This is reassuring to us!

In positive feeding news, Charlie did take 2 feedings yesterday and 2 today - about 5-7 mls each time without any spitting afterwards. It is not an easy process and takes forever, but it is progress! We are hoping it continues and that maybe we can try out breastfeeding again this week too. His drip feeds have been held at 22 cc's per hour for the weekend because he had a huge puke Saturday afternoon, but he seems to be doing ok now! There is some speculation that he may have some damage to his esophagus due to his reflux problems. This could explain part of his aversion to eating and the old blood that he keeps puking up. Dr. Marr changed his meds to a stronger antacid, so hopefully that will help.

Charlie also had his first real bath in the "tubby" Saturday night! He has not been able to be submerged because of his picc line, but now... He actually really like it! It was a bit if a shock initially, but he settled right now and seemed to enjoy the warm water. Nurse Cynthia was a fantastic help and made it a positive experience for all 3 of us!

So, we will continue plodding along! We hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had an unexpected visit from Deacon Nick this afternoon, so that was a nice surprise on Easter! Charlie got his own special Easter blessing!

Please keep Baby Kaden in your prayers. He was placed on ECMO a few days ago, and is having a rough time right now. He needs all the love and prayers you can spare right now.
I do have pictures to post, but either blogger or the internet are giving me a hard time... so I am giving up so I can go pump and go to bed. I will get them up as soon as I can! :-)

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Maxton's Mommy said...

sounds like Charlie is just trucking along. :-) I bet his pics are super cute and can't wait to see them. Thinking of you guys