Thursday, April 23, 2009

another day in Charlie-land

Charlie took four successful feeds today. The lactation consultant decided that our best plan of attack is to try our best to make sure he does not get too tired as the day goes on so that he can get the most volume possible. So, we alternated breast and bottle feedings today. This will also allow us to get a more accurate measure of how much he is taking in. Both breast feedings went pretty well and he took 53 cc's at the afternoon bottle feed and 40 cc's at the evening bottle feed. We are still working our way up, but he is trying his best! We think the ultimate intake goal for his weight is 105 cc's per feeding. The pump will be running at 25 cc's per hour for the night and that will be slowly increased over the next few nights as well. Other than that we are just praying for weight gain at his next weigh in Saturday night and for feeds to keep on keeping on!

Baby K made the big step into line free life today! Her picc line was pulled and she is well on her way to proving that she deserves to go home! Still working on feeds, but all the cool kids are! We keep cheering her on, just as she cheers on Charlie! If you haven't yet, check out her blog (Kayla Mae in the list to the right) - - she is a cutie! :-)

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Fer said...

I'm always thinking about Charlie and you guys.