Saturday, January 8, 2011

December Daily: making up for lost time!

Sorry for the delay, Charlie lovers! :-) Here is some more Charlie to make up for dropping the ball on December Dailies as the month wore on! Happy New Year to all!

Aunt Cynthia came and brought some great new books!
(This may have been about the 22nd time he made her read this one to him!)

Charlie needs to go to Paci Addicts Anonymous!

Santa brought Charlie a big boy basketball hoop for Christmas.
(Please note the backwards dunk - - dont know if thats legal or not!)

Cooking up some Christmas morning breakfast with his new stove.

Lounging amidst all his Christmas morning loot :-)

Cheering on the Holy Family CYO team at the holiday tournament

Loving his coloring book and crayons

Trying to communicate with Daddy in the basement through the cat door :-)

And more snow...

Gotta love the rosy cheeks!