Tuesday, April 14, 2009

next step in the plan

Charlie will be going today to have a scope put down his esophogus to have a look at the esophogus and his stomach. Dr. Kardoo, a GI specialist, came and looked at him yesterday and agreed with Dr. Marr and Dr. Bode that this procedure could give them some answers. We still do not know if his stomach is emptying properly. He has been on the erthromycin, but we have not been able to get enough food into his stomach to know if its motility has improved. And there is reason to believe that his esophogus could be like "raw meat" - as Dr. marr put it - due to the reflux. This would make him not want to eat/swallow because of the pain and could be the source of the old blood that he is still puking up. So hopefully after this we will know where we are going in terms of what meds he should be on and what interventions (feeding tubes) will make the most sense for him. Luckily Dee is with him today, but please pray that everything goes well and that he tolerates it all with no complications!

I have not forgotten about the pictures I promised to post, but the computer is still giving me fits. I am hoping it is not the computer itself, but we will see! Hopefully I will get them up soon because there are some great ones that I cannot wait to share!! :-)


BrianB said...

Tell that genius EE husband of yours to figure out the computer prob. We want to see those pictures!.

It is great to see Charlie doing well (in the grand scheme of things). Can't wait to see him!

(The Harris gang)

Tracy Meats said...

Thinking of Charlie and I hope the GI doctors are able to figure out a game plan for how Charlie is going to eat and get closer to going home!! Hope today's procedures go very well with no complications and Charlie does very well.

Tracy Meats - WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS and Ian's mom, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04