Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlie's NICU Suite

Charlie made another move today! After much debate and much chaos (babies were moving all over today!) he was moved into his own little room by himself. It is technically an isolation room and, thank God, there is no real reason for him to be isolated, but it was the best space for him right now I guess. It should be interesting to see if he sleeps better or worse with it being more quiet. He actually sleeps really well at night as a rule, but during the day he just cat naps and get progressively more tired as the day goes on. His level of tiredness has a direct impact on his eating, so we are hoping he will sleep more soundly during the day now. 

He did well today with his feedings. He is still only allowed three, but he can eat as much as he wants at each now. The first breastfeeding was only ok, but the second one went great! And he took 28cc's from the bottle with daddy tonight! He started sucking the bottle so aggressively at first that he actually choked himself a little. He recovered though and continued off and on for a little while. Feedings are definitely a slow and steady process!

For those who have not heard yet, Baby Kaden (from CA) lost his battle with CDH yesterday after a long hard fight. We cannot imagine the pain and confusion that Kristi, Craig, and their family must be feeling. Please pray for them and pray that someday we will find a way to beat this horrible beast of a defect so that families will not have to deal with this kind of loss. We are so blessed and hopefully will never forget that. We have been changed for the better because of it. Godspeed Kaden...


Sky + Carla said...

Nice to hear that Charlie is eating better and hoping he gets more sleep :)

If it is to quiet for him, see if they let you play music for him since he got his own room. That way is not so quiet.

~ Carla - Joseph's mom

Dee said...

I'm so glad to hear Charlie is eating away...need to get him ready for the pizza and wings to come in his private room...he really rates!!!
So sorry to hear about Kayden, my prayer are with his family, Love, DEE