Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charlie-land successes

Charlie never ceases to do things his own way. He is "allowed" two nipple feeds a day - either 5 minutes of breastfeeding or 5 cc's of breast milk from the bottle. Typically what happens is he fights and fights and fights - crying and pushing away - and sometimes gets some milk and sometimes manages to swallow that milk. We have had a little more luck with the bottle than the breast, but not much. 

We tried breastfeeding this afternoon and it pretty much went just like that leaving mommy disappointed and Charlie completely spent and passed out cold. This evening when we went back he was fairly calm, though a little fussier than normal. His nurse told us to give the bottle a try because she had 10 cc's left from filling his drip. We figured we would see what we could get him to take. When we put the bottle in his mouth instead of crying and turning away and throwing a fit he started sucking and continued to suck for the next 30 seconds, drinking every last drop of the 10 cc's that was in the bottle! He probably would have taken more if it were there. He had yet to puke it up when we left around 10 - so with a little luck we have one very successful feed under our belt! Granted 10 cc's is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but for Charlie, it is awesome! 

He loves his new mirror and admiring himself in it!


Carrie Jo said...

How exciting! He's going to be chugging a whole bottle soemday soon...I just know it!

Dee said...

Great news he must have worked up an appitite...of course he loves looking at himself, he is so cute!!! Love and prayers to all of you, DEE

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

This is such great news. One step at a time--Charlie's "Time" that is. We have decided that Kaden, too, will do everything in HIS time--not the doctors! Continuing to pray for your little "Gumdrop"...Keep us updated--he helps give us HOPE!!

Much Love...