Friday, May 6, 2011

Strong National Museum of Play

This past weekend we took a little family vacation down the Thruway to Rochester where we lived for 8 years before moving back to Syracuse and our friends and families. We loved Rochester, but missed the people from home. So, this was hopefully the first of many family trips back to the city we came to feel as our second home.

There is an amazing children's museum in Rochester that we had been to once before, but going with Charlie was more fun than we could have imagined! Even though he fought off taking a nap on the way there as we had hoped, he ran and ran and ran from one thing to another for over four hours until Mommy and Daddy called an end to the fun because we were exhausted! We didn't even get to see all there is at the museum, but we are sure we will be back again before too long!

Looking for "Nemo"

working at the bus station

Sesame Street!!

Charlie cannot help but laugh at Mr Noodle in Elmo's World

trains, trains, and more trains!

riding on the train with Daddy

fishing for some nursery rhymes

sliding at the Berenstain Bears Clubhouse

And some fun in Papa Bear's Workshop

Taking one more ride on the train before heading out

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