Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun in the Florida Sun!

We spent some time in Florida vacationing and visiting with Charlie's Uncle Dave, Aunt Colleen, Aunt Sheri, and Uncle Trevor earlier this month! Charlie's first vacation, first time on a plane, first time out of state, first time in the ocean... Lots of firsts and a lot of fun!

After flying into Orlando, we set out on our own for a few days. First stop was the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It was HOT (like shoes sticking to the pavement kind of hot), but we had a really good time and Charlie was really into the whole experience.

Looking at the rhinos rolling in the mud
They became Charlie's favorite animal. We bought him a
little stuffed rhino that he is quite attached to now!

Ahhh... We found some AC and popsicles for a little break from the heat!

Charlie trying to keep cool in his stroller

After our quick stop in Tampa, we drove on to Clearwater where we stayed at one of the resorts on the beach. Its a beautiful area with incredibly nice people. We tried to stay out of the sun during peak hours - our goal for the week was no sunburns - but we still managed to enjoy the resort with the sand, ocean, and pool.

Charlie dipping his toes in the ocean for the first time

Breakfast of Champions

Cool Dude in the hotel kiddie pool :-)
He enjoyed the water immensely and was even
ok with splashing and craziness from a group
of older kids who invaded the kiddie pool.

After our fun in the sun on the Gulf Coast, we headed back to the East Coast for some quality time with the D'Angelos in Port Orange (near Daytona Beach). Charlie really loved getting to spend time with his Aunts and Uncles and we enjoyed our time with them as well!

Captain Awesome hitting up Daytona Beach with everyone

Cuddling with Aunt Sheri after our day on the beach

"Every house has new toys for me!!
We should come here more often!"

Having a cold one in the pool with Uncle Dave

Charlie's first icecream cone!

Mr Independent decides he doesn't need any help with his icecream!

We had a lot of fun and it was a really special time for us - - something we have been looking forward to for awhile. We love to share our Miracle Man with the world and it never ceases to amaze us that he makes friends everywhere he goes! During our time in the airport before each flight, he managed to convince someone else to love him with his antics! And in all, he handled the flights themselves very well. He was antsy on the way down and we used every trick in the bag to keep him in our laps, but he slept most of the way home. Both flights he cried and pulled at his ears for the last 20 minutes or so. We had bought earplugs, but he wouldn't leave them in. He was wonderful all week long considering he had no routine at all and was in a new place every couple of days. He is an amazing little boy and we are just more and more in love with him every day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Little Big Boy

We brought Charlie to the barber shop last night for his first real haircut (not counting the Dr Marr specialty when his head had to be shaved in the NICU)! He was such a good boy and looks like such a little man now! He was all smiles when he got done and earned himself not one, but TWO lollipops from the barber! Daddy was far more traumatized and said that watching Charlie get stuck with needles is far easier than watching him have his haircut!

In other news, there is not much news! So far, so good with the dairy introductions. We are still just sticking with the yogurt and cheese, but he seems to be handling it. He has a little rash on his chest that we are keeping an eye on, but we are thinking it is due to sunscreen and heat. He is such a sensitive little man!

His eating has improved in the past couple weeks (of course admitting this out loud is sure to curse us again!). He still prefers crunchy things over anything else, but he is eating sandwiches and his cereal and yogurt again with less of a fight. We have found that giving him his own spoon and letting him help makes for an easier meal with less aggravation and more actual ingestion of food! Of course this does backfire when he throws a spoon full of yogurt at your head as he did to me this morning!

Tantrums are his newest form of communication. He goes all out - screaming and throwing himself on the floor. I am curious to know where he learned this from as we are both fairly even keeled people. And we thought this was not supposed to be an issue until the "terrible two's". Yet another urban legend of parenting!

Charlie did just get over a little cold - coughing and lots of snot. He handled it well besides not sleeping quite as soundly. He is down to one nap a day (by his choosing, not ours!) He is getting really good at copying what people say. He loves teddy bears and has a few favorites in particular. By far his favorite word and object though is "basketball". Every ball tends to be called basketball now, but he definitely understands the concept and tries to dribble. Deacon Nick, who is also the basketball coach Vince works with, says that he will be able to dribble with both hands before he can write his name! We'll see about that!

I have to say that things in our world are good! We are looking forward to some special family time in the coming weeks and a summer full of fun adventures!

waiting for our turn at the barber shop

This was what Charlie picked up and decided to read while waiting!

not quite sure if he likes this

such a good boy!!

big smiles when he was all done!!

Memorial Day BBQ at Aunt Dee's house
the boys all sharing strawberry shortcake


Does this picture even need a caption??

all smiles playing outside!