Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Charlie's Way or No Way At All

Today was a big day in Charlie-land! Last night his NJ tube got clogged and they were not able to run his feeding drip through it. Luckily, Nurse Cynthia, who loves him like crazy, was with him last night and she was able to put in an NG tube and crossed her fingers that he wouldn't start puking because of the drip running into his stomach. Charlie impressed her and did not puke at all. So, the surgeons came up to check on him first thing this morning because they had been told his NJ was malfunctioning. They decided there was nothing they could do and it would have to be pulled. And since Charlie was handling the drip going right into his stomach Doctor Gross decided to pull the NG as well and let him eat on his own with no more drip!! He did amazing today and breastfed 3 times and took 40 cc's from the bottle tonight. After seeing how tired real eating made him, it was decided (with some persuasion from Dee) to put an NG tube in so that they can just run drip feedings at night so that he can rest. So, he had one tube free day with the promise of more to come when he gets strong enough to sustain himself without the drip at all! 

Breastfeeding did go well today and we were able to work with the lactation consultant again. She is happy with how he is doing, but he has to do it his own way! He will not let me sit down at all during his feedings. He weighs over 10 pounds now and gets rather heavy! I am going to have arms of steel by the time we get this feeding thing perfected! We were also moved (AGAIN!) today into Nursery F. The move was not a great one for feedings and he seemed to be doing better when we were in isolation. It was quieter and darker and he was able to focus more. Hopefully we will still be able to make some progress despite the location change. 

So, we know what everyone is wondering now... and it is something that we have purposely avoided ever talking about... When will be going - - - - ? No one says the word in the NICU. There is a bit of superstition around using the word. Instead they talk about going to "the zoo" or "the mall". There are no firm plans, and we didn't ask - it is almost better just to let it happen. But we do know we are on our way. Feedings have to continue to go well and increase and Charlie has to continue to grow and gain weight. That is basically it, barring no further setbacks. So we will continue to follow Charlie's pace - it has worked so far!

Charlie has the greatest pout ever! :-)

Thanks for the onesie Aunt Monica! It's perfect and everyone agreed with it!


Julie, the mama said...

Great news!

Maxton's Mommy said...

hehehe, i love the pout. :-) Well, I hope little charlie has his trop to zoo sometime soon.

Tracy Meats said...

How cute are those pictures!!! Way to go Charlie on the feeding...fingers crossed here no more vomiting and he keeps getting stronger and takes more with each feed. Doctors would never give us a time frame either. I will never forget the day when his neonatologist came in and said pack his bags and get out of here!! We couldn't pack fast enough. Charlie's day will come when he is ready. Charlie is in my prayers...keep making those baby steps Charlie.

Hugs, Tracy - Ian's mom

Fer said...

I loved the pictures!!!!!!!

Baby K Mama said...

I'm so glad Charlie decided it was time to eat! I'm sure you are much happier being able to breast feed!! :) I'm so happy for you! The pout pic is AMAZING! His gf def agrees with the onesie he is wearing! :) hehe Before you guys leave- Bring Charlie over to Kayla's corner so we can get a photo of all 6 of us! :)