Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"THE" post

So this is the post that I have been looking forward to/dreading for months now. We know we are close now and that the end of our NICU journey is near. So, we are obviously ecstatic! We are also very apprehensive though. Its a whole new adventure we are about to embark on - one that is overwhelming for any new parent, much less parents who have been through what we have. So, that being said, please do not take any of what we are going to say personally. 

We want to let you know that when that fabulous day comes and they say we are free to go, we will be secluding ourselves for some time. This is for a couple of reasons. One, we need a chance to just be. We have never been just the three of us and we need that. We are not trying to deprive anyone of anything, but we need some time to be a family on our own. And secondly, as any CDH parent can attest to, being the the real world with real germs is very scary. ***If Charlie gets a cold, a virus, a bug - it could kill him, or at the very least, make for a major setback or land him back in the hospital on the ventilator. He only has one good lung. If he were to get an infection in that lung... I am sure I do not need to point out the obvious. So, once we do have visitors, please stay away if you even think you are coming down with something. 

In all honesty, we were told to keep him secluded for up to  year by Dr. Bode. The nurses painted a somewhat less frightening picture, but still say no kids, no crowds, and good hygiene are an absolute must. So, unfortunately Charlie is not a "normal" baby quite yet, and maybe won't be for sometime. Its very scary and the thought of coming home with that hanging over our heads is very overwhelming, but we are just so thankful that at least it is not winter time anymore! But again, please do not take any of this personally when we come across as overbearing and protective. Its just the way we have to be for Charlie's sake. 


Bridget said...

While we all can't wait to meet Charlie and spoil him rotten, we know his health is of the highest priority. We'll be patient and just keep praying for him.
PS- Happy birthday Vince!

Tracy Meats said...

Charlie is in our prayers!!! Keep going Charlie, you are almost there!! So happy that you may break free soon and wish you the best of everything after you leave the NICU. You both will do wonderfully and Charlie will hopefully just thrive at home. Isolation is very hard, but we got to keep our little ones healthy, especially the first year.

Thinking of you, Tracy - Ian's mom

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Although it's hard to tell family & friends to stay away if sick & be careful- you are doing the right thing. And it will be SOO great to just have the 3 of you. You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to be "clean" once everyone gets the hang of it... He will just THRIVE even more once he's home with you guys!! Congratulations!!!

(One thing we did was use some gown for people when they did come over because I was even worried about their clothes having germs if they had been somewhere else before seeing Noah... my mom-in-law worked with kids so I was a little extra paranoid at covering clothes germs!) :)

Dee said...

I'm so happy your time to be a family at home is almost here..I know Charlie will LOVE his room and the peace and qiet after all the comotion at the hospital..everyone will understand about your protective to all, DEE