Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Week at the Beach

Vince's family has camped annually at Southwick Beach with family friends since he was a kid. When we started dating, I started to tag along and after getting married we inherited our own camper and joined the festivities. This year we brought some more friends along and our summer event took up 5 camp sites along the beach. We have expanded to 3 generations of friends and family enjoying each others company. It is always a special time spent with good people, eating fabulous food, and remembering what is really important in life and we look forward to it year after year.

Charlie and Noah chill with some lunch while we set up camp
(just before the rains came in!)

sandy puddle jumping with Aunt Bridget

Daddy's futile attempts at keeping Charlie dry

"Ugh... I got some sand on my tongue, guys..."

sleeping peacefully....

"I love mini muffins!!!"

Charlie and Mommy sharing a cupful of Cheerios

finally made it down to the beach


family time at sunset...

took a trip to the playground

"Let me go! Let me go! - - WHEEEEE!"

"This time we are going all the way to the top!
Big slide time! Grrrrrrrrrrr..."

Big slide didnt go so well...
tweaked his foot a little on the way down and ended up with a sprain.
Had a little limp and ace bandage for a week or so, but all better now!

purple frosting makes everything feel better!

One of our many great sunsets of the week
Simply Beautiful...