Friday, March 13, 2009

sunny days

It was a sunny day in Syracuse today. This time of the year blue skies are a very welcome thing after a long, grey winter. Charlie had a good sunny day and enjoyed the light streaming through his window.

The second bronchoscope procedure was this morning and they gave Charlie the all clear. The only thing they saw was some irritation on his vocal cords which is likely caused by the multiple intubations, extubations, and scopes in the past few days. 

His feedings are back to square one again. Last night they had started him back on just 5 cc's every 3 hours, but he spit everything back up throughout the night. So, today they did a couple of things. They put the feeding tube through his nose so that it will not gag him as much. It seems to work well, but nurse Tana said he did not enjoy it going in at all! They also started him on a drip feed as well. So now he is getting 2 cc's every hour through a continuous drip. It seems to be going well. He did puke once tonight while we were there, but it was all mucous-y stuff. He still gets a lot of air in his belly and swallows a lot of spit, and this does not agree with him. Hopefully it will get a little easier on him with time.

Tana went and found him the "Cadillac" of baby swings and he loved it! He spent hours in it, gliding back and forth and took a very intense nap for about 3 hours. He was a happy boy today and Vince even got a couple of smiles while he was holding him tonight - - unfortunately, I did not have my camera out yet! So, we are just continuing to pray that he continues to do well and that the mystery episode does not make another appearance this weekend.  


Maxton's Mommy said...

awww.. Charlie is so cute!! Glad to hear he is making some baby steps. Hoping for a good day of feedings for you all!

Tracy Meats said...

Charlie is adorable and looks so good!! Many prayers the feeds get better with time.

Hugs, Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

Way to go Charlie!! He is doing so us all alot of hope, too! Keep up the strong fight, and BTW--you all look so HAPPY!

Continued prayers and support :)

Julie, the mama said...

Love the family picture of y'all. I was with our family in Pittsburgh this weekend, and everyone was asking about sweet baby Gumdrop! That precious boy is being prayed for all over the place!!!!