Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Charlie had another good day! His vapotherm was lowered to 5 liters this morning with no ill effects at all. He is up to a whole 4 cc's of breast milk over an hour. He did not puke up anything today!! Yesterday he had thrown up 3 times and it was a lot each time. It was mostly mucous, but it is still not great that he is puking. Its really just too much air in his tummy it seems because Dee was back today and made a point to pull the air out of his belly regularly and obviously things went better! He was the hit of nursery C today in his Irish green courtesy of his great IRISH Aunt Joan! :-)

Baby K had her surgery this morning and it went well! Things had been continuing to migrate since she was born and she ended up with pretty much everything up in her chest, including part of her liver. They were not able to close her incision, so they will have to go back and do that in the next couple of weeks. She handled it all very well though and had a great rest of her day. Hopefully the good news from her will continue!

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Dee said...

Love the St. Pat's outfit and the picture with the hands....lovely, keep it up Charlie, Love Dee