Wednesday, March 18, 2009

graduation day

Charlie made the big move from nursery C to nursery D this morning! This makes him officially part of "the other end," away from the acute care end and now on the progressive end. We will probably continue working our way through the alphabet from here!

This is a huge step and it should be a very happy one, but I could not help but be a little sad today. Nursery C had become my second home these past 6 weeks. I felt really comfortable there and we have just struck up a really good friendship with Baby K's parents. Not to mention, it likely means we will have all new nurses now - no more Dee and Tana. (But Dee is trying to get moved into D for her shift on Friday - I am positive that she loves Charlie just as much as we do!) It also makes me a little nervous that he will not be getting the attention that he was now that there are fewer nurses in the room. And none of them know him and what makes him tick... Dee was nice enough to write a little note that is now taped to his crib with directions for how to best care for him - all the tricks she has used these past weeks. Oh well, I just have to have faith that it is all for the best.

As for how he is doing - it seems to be all good news! He is almost totally weaned off his fentanyl drip. They increased his feedings to 6 cc's per hour now. They plan to wean the vapotherm to 4 liters tomorrow. And if all goes according to plan, we may get to try breastfeeding for a few minutes tomorrow too! Hopefully the good news will continue even though he misses his girlfriend, Baby K! She is doing well so far, but has a haircut to match Charlie's now - only on one side though! :-) 


Dee said...

I was at the hosp. and left you a little present with the nurse, I didn't go in but was visiting 2 neeighbors, so thought you would like a little surprise when you got in, hope you got it!! Great news on Charlie, Love, Dee

Julie, the mama said...


Tracy Meats said...

Great news! Keep up the good work Charlie and the progress!! Many prayers that his feeds keep increasing and he has no problems...that is great news you may get to try breastfeeding him soon!!

Hugs, Tracy

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

I know the "change" is yucky, but you are one step closer to getting Charlie home. He is just an amazing little guy :) GOOD LUCK with the BF. I, too, pray that it will be an option for us. Crazy, but sometimes we take for granted the little things, and I want so bad to be able to BF my last baby!