Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pukes and Poops

Hi guys! Mommy and Daddy are pretty tired, so I thought I would help them out tonight! I have to be quick though because Dr. Bode is in charge tonight and she would not be very happy with this stinker-pot if she found me here instead of in my bed sleeping! 

It was a pretty uneventful day. I am getting used to my new place. Its not so bad. Some of my lady friends have been by to see me - Nurse Cynthia and Nurse Nancy were here last night and Nurse Lina came and held me for a whole 45 minutes while Mommy and Daddy went and got some dinner tonight! She is so nice (and I think she might be a little bit in love with me! - - I do seem to be irresistible!). I am really hoping Nurse Dee will come play with me tomorrow!

Today was a pretty messy day. I went through three outfits! Mommy used to always talk about how she was not a fan of bodily fluids, but she is handling it pretty well! Not only have I been puking lots (they won't even let me start eating like a big boy yet because I have been puking too much!), but I also pooped right in her lap today! It came oozing out all over her and the boppy pillow! She just cleaned me up and went on with holding me again. I will have to try to keep it in the diaper next time though! 

Well, I've got to scoot! I want to stop and see my girl, Baby K, before getting back to bed. She is doing pretty good! I hear she opened her eyes and looked at her Mommy and Daddy for the first time today! Thanks everyone for thinking about us and sending your prayers! Talk to you soon!

xoxo Charlie

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Dee said...

Litte Charlie you are quite the writer....glad you helping out mom and dad...keep growing healthy, love you, Dee