Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Charlie hates Mondays already

So today Charlie decided that he wanted to be back in the more critical nursery. He had another episode similar to the his earlier one a few weeks ago and needed to be put back on the conventional ventilator. Just like before it came as huge surprise to the entire unit and especially to mom who, unfortunately had to wittiness the entire thing.

He had a normal morning and even came out to play with mom for a little while. It was bath day so Patty helped his nurse give him a bath. He hates baths so far but has had tons of them and all he does is cry but usually calms right down. After his bath his nurse put his feeding tube back in. Within minutes he started to turn bright purple. Soon he was not breathing and was very limp. It is a sight we do not wish upon any parent. Luckily he had the same nurse that had him the same day as his surgery. She is an incredible nurse, who is very good and normally does not work the less critical patients. Well God made sure we had our guardian angel because just by chance she was put with Charlie all day. She knew exactly what to do, got all the right people, and had him on the ventilator within minutes. 

Now Charlie has gotten accustomed to life off the vent, and hates the tubes in his mouth. So he fights and chokes and silent cries. They have had to really drug him up to make sure he is not fighting too much. But he is so immune to the sedation medicine that they had to give him Morphine. That did the trick as he has never had it before. Man are we in trouble when he wakes up!

Also, because is blood count was so low, they decided to give him his first dose of blood. They could not wait any longer for him to start making his own. Hopefully this does not set him back, as the only way your body knows when to start making blood is when your count gets too low. It is a tough cycle.

So it was a scary day, and they are not sure what brought on this episode. They are thinking reflux, but they are not sure of anything. The only thing they are sure of is that it comes out of the blue and both the doctors in the NICU and his surgeon are confused. They may try and take him off the vent Tuesday depending on how his x-rays look. But again, that is without knowing what causes him to stop breathing. 

Not a fun day, but we will keep the faith and ask God for a better tomorrow. Much love to you for reading and much love to Maxton and his family. You are all in our prayers. 


Julie, the mama said...

Gosh, I hate to hear about that scary episode. We knew it would be a journey to a full recovery, but I still can't imagine the roller coaster y'all are on right now. Y'all keep the faith, and we will keep the prayers coming...

Give that precious boy lots of love from all of his blogging friends!

Tracy Meats said...

Many prayers doctors will be able to pinpoint Charlie's cause of his episodes. Praying for Charlie that he may come off the vent soon and be back on track to his recovery.

Tracy Meats