Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still waiting for consult

The ENT still has not made it to see Charlie yet. Someone was in this morning, but it was not who Dr. Marr wanted, so she sent him away! Hopefully the specialist we have been waiting for will be here tonight. Charlie is on minimal ventilator settings. He is not even bothered by having it detached when he is moved. He is still gagging on the tube a lot. He had quickly become accustomed to being able to move his head, and now when he does it just makes him gag. And he is getting a ton of air in his tummy which is not helping with the feeding process at all. He has been spitting up a lot of mucous and grossness, so they cut his feedings in half last night in order to come up with another plan of action - - possibly a food drip or putting the feeding tube through his stomach instead. We will see! Thank you for thinking about Charlie and hopefully we will have better news soon!

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Maxton's Mommy said...

I've been thinking of Charlie. Hope everything goes well tonight.