Friday, March 27, 2009

quick update

Charlie is still doing well with the vapotherm. He has developed a rash all over his face. They are thinking it is a typical "newborn rash" because we cannot think of anything he could have come in contact with otherwise. It has been slowly improving throughout the day, but still looks pretty bad. The biggest news of the day is that Dr. Roy suggested trying  nipple feeding today while they still figure out what they are going to do about his feedings over all. So, we got to give him some breast milk using the bottle. He gagged this morning the first time he was given the bottle. Then Diane, the developmental specialist, gave us some tips and he took the next 3 feeds successfully!! They were very small portions - only about 3 cc's each time (3% of what a typical feeding would be) - but he took it!! Only complication was the giant spit up after the last feeding we gave him. He had just calmed down from being upset though and probably had a lot of air in his belly. And the nurse gave him his Reglan right afterwards (it should have been given before the feeding).  We are happy with the progress though! He was weighed tonight too and clocked in at 10 lbs 4 oz. Hopefully we will keep gaining there too!


Dee said...

Love the shot with the puppy on nipple feeding that's great, love to all, Dee

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

He looks soooo cute sleeping in his puppy jammies :) I continue to pray that Charlie will make strides to make it home soon. Please keep us updated--It really gives me hope knowing Kaden will be here in 7 days...I am terrified :(