Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie's first field trip

We met with the ENT resident at about 8:30 tonight and have a plan in place for the next step. Dr.Tony Mortelitti (who we have heard only good things about) is going to be taking Charlie to the OR tomorrow afternoon to perform a procedure to look around at his trachea and lungs and all that. They will extubate him and  use a scope with a camera on it and take actual pictures that they will have for us I guess - - something more for the baby book! They will re-intubate him before bringing him back up. Assuming that they do not find any problems (and the dr. seemed pretty confident that this would be the case), they will extubate him again after he has a day to rest and let any swelling go down. Then they will actually come back and use the scope again while he is fully awake to have another look around (Charlie is sure to love that!). So, hopefully we will have some answers in the next day or two - or at least be able to cross some possibilities off the list. It is a little nerve wracking to think about them taking him out of the NICU as he has never left his nursery, but we trust that we have the best of the best doctors taking care of this - - and maybe with a little luck Dee will talk them into letting her come along. 

So, continue to keep Charlie in your thoughts and prayers and remember his neighbor/girfriend Baby K and another out-of-town friend, Baby Maxton who are both putting up a really good fight against the CDH monster right now. It is an exhausting journey of ups and downs and their parents are pushing them along with everything they have. 


Dee said...

Sending prayers your way and thinking of all of you, holding you in my heart. Hugs to all. Love ya, Dee

Carrie Jo said...

We will pray that Charlie makes it through all this with flying colors!

Fer said...

I'm praying for lil Charlie :)

Tracy Meats said...

Praying for Charlie and the ENT doctor.

Tracy - mom to Ian