Wednesday, March 11, 2009

no answers

Charlie had his procedure with the ENT late this afternoon and (fortunately?) they were not able to give us any answers. This means that he does not have any weaknesses in his trachea that they could detect, but it does not give us an explanation as to why he was unable to breathe on Saturday. The plan is that they will probably extubate him tomorrow and try the vapotherm again. The ENT plans to come back and do another exam while Charlie is awake either tomorrow or the next day. 

In all, Charlie is handling it all very well. He has just been relaxing most of the day - both before and after the procedure. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by his trip to the OR - he was quite wide-eyed and looking around the entire time. I guess he was a bit upset on the way back up and was "screaming" his head off when the team got him back to the nursery. This is in spite of the fact that they warned us he would be a bit sleepy afterwards - yeah, right. Charlie certainly has become pro at fighting off the effects of sedation! Keep your fingers crossed that things go well with the extubation and hopefully we will have some more cute pics to post soon!


Dee said...

Anxiously awaiting the new pics, and here's hoping for a wonderful day for all..Love you, Dee

Fer said...

I am praying for a smoothly extubation.


Tracy Meats said...

Praying for Charlie, that things go well with the extubation and he can do very well without the vent!! Go Charlie Go!! Can't wait to see new pics.

Hugs, Tracy - mom to Ian