Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Weekend Update

Overall, considering the scary chaos of the end of the week, the weekend was pretty quiet. All things considered, Charlie was fairly stable and is looking good. Saturday he was definietly still not quite himself. With the exception of the first few minutes we got to the hospital, he slept all day and we just sat and watched him all day. His color was coming back and his numbers were good, but he just needed some more rest. 

Sunday was defintitely a better day. He spent almost four hours this afternoon and evening awake and alert. His eyes are nice and bright again. He is wiggling around. You can just tell he is feeling better. We will get the results tomorrow from the blood work to tell us if the infection is under control or not. 

One of his IVs went bad overnight, so they had to put another one in his head. (The picc line was removed as soon as they realized he had an infection.) Chances are they will look into having a central line put in in the next day or so. The poor thing has evidently inherited his mother's crappy veins and has run out of places to be stuck! The arterial line also went bad this morning. So, now they are sticking his heel to get blood gas samples and other blood work. Suprisingly, it does not seem to bother him too much. His catheter was removed this morning and we are keeping our fingers crossed and they keeps up the good peeing so they do not have to put it in again! The surgeons came by and removed the steri-strips from his incision and it looks great! The scar is really going to be minimal! 

Since he has been on the conventional vent and able to be moved a little more, his swelling has gone down considerably. I don't think I realized how puffy he had gotten, but he looks so tiny now. AND, super nurse, Dee, decided that he was ready for his first big move tonight - - When we came back from dinner he was lying on his stomach!! I know this sounds so simple, but it is the first time he has been off his back since he was born! He looked so comfy and happy and finally fell asleep after his wide awake day! 

So Charlie is recovering and making good progress thanks to everyone's prayers and positive thoughts. Though, he (and daddy) were disappointed by the SU loss today - they didn't let it get them down for too long! Tomorrow we are expecting his bed to be moved to make way for another CDH baby who is expected to make his or her entrance, so please keep that family in your prayers as well. We know the road that lies ahead of them and the emotions that they are feeling right now as they wait. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth and easy week!


JenOPCer said...

What a beautiful little man. Praying for him, though I'm a stranger.

Dee said...

Thanks for the update, I have been praying soo hard this weekend, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers...soon Charlie will have a partner Our prayers are there for that family too. Love, DEE

Monica said...

PATTY - He has your eyebrows!!!! :D

Julie, the mama said...

I love that top picture. Any baby that can be handsome with all of those tubes, is ONE handsome baby. You've got a little hottie on your hands! Charlie is adorable.

As always, I appreciate the good news.

Tracy Meats said...

What an adorable little boy. Many prayers for a good week and that Charlie is on his way to making progress. He looks good in the pictures!

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Dave said...

I googled my beautiful little nephew's name to find out he is the number one result on google for Gumdrop D'Angelo! Right where he belongs as number one. My god he's adorable Sis. I can't wait til I can come and see him. Sorry I haven't been in contact more with you. Just figured you had enough on your plate that I'd wait til things calm down. Just know he's been in my thoughts and prayers since this whole ordeal started. Next Time your there. which should be soon let him know his Uncle Davey loves him!

fubar said...

You probably have no clue who I am... I am Little Gumdrop's great great aunt, which makes me your great aunt, Patty. Your grandmother can tell you just how 'great' I am... LOL - you guys are truly blessed with such a beautiful little guy! Get that football ready! Take good care of the little fella. Aunt Helen