Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God Held Charlie Close Today

Sorry for the late post. We just got back from the hospital. Today at 10 am Charlie had surgery to correct his diaphragmatic hernia. They decided to do the procedure right in the NICU without moving him. They felt is was far less risky that way. The team was incredible. He pulled through with flying colors. They told us that everything went as well as could be expected. 

When they got in there they indeed found that he had very little left of his diaphragm on the left/rear side of his body. They had to move the stomach, large intestines, small intestines, and other random parts (spleen & pancreas I think) back down into his belly. Then they used a Gortex patch to "build" him the rest of his diaphragm. Simply amazing if you ask me. They are just amazing and we are eternally thankful.

When we left him his stats were back at the levels that they were right before the surgery. His doctors are very pleased and they were continuing to wean him to lower ventilator settings when we left. Charlie is such a strong baby and he is doing very well they tell us. 

We are truly blessed. We are not sure what we have done to deserve such a great son. We are eternally thankful and overwhelmed with everyone that has left a positive comment, sent a card, or dropped off a meal. We do not feel like we deserve it, but we are eternally thankful for all the support. We have truly been blessed by God today. 

I have said all along that we should weep on the sad days and celebrate on the good days. Well today started out very sad having to leave Charlie as all the surgeons started to set up around him, but turned into a good day knowing that he is as stable as he can be right now and that his doctor's are pleased. Today we will and say thank you to God and to all of you who let him know we were in need. We are far from being out of the woods, but today was a big step in the right direction! 

I posted a few more pictures for you to see. Thanks again!


Tracy Meats said...

Charlie is beautiful!! From reading your post, he is doing amazingly well and I am praying that he has a stable night and now is on the road to healing and the "road to home." There is still a long journey ahead of Charlie, but we are definitely cheering him on!!

Continue to fight Charlie!! Best wishes for only good days ahead little boy!!

Hugs, Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS (

Julie, the mama said...

God's grace is truly amazing, isn't it?

Your Charlie surely has a story to tell, and what a witness he will be of God's healing and loving ways.

Now y'all need to GET SOME REST while you can. Life is about to get even crazier (if you can believe that) as soon as you get that precious boy home!

Carrie Jo said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well. Praise the Lord!

Dee said...

Love the pictures of little Charlie holding your fingers....looks like long fingers....a basketball player....I thank God that he has held the three of you in his hands and pray that he will continue to strengthen you and bring Charlie home soon. Love you, DEE

Fer said...

Charlie is gorgeous!!!!!! I am soooooo glad his surgery went well. WTG sweet baby!