Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not so good Friday the 13th

Charlie got progressively worse on Friday. His O2 and CO2 numbers were boarder line all Thursday night and into Friday. Enough so that they swapped him back onto the oscillating ventilator from the more conventional style one. His color got worse and he was just not very stable. We were a wreck all day just watching him get sicker, not better.

It finally came to a head and they needed to do something get him back on track. They decided to put his chest drain back in. In there words "a ton" of fluid came out of the chest cavity where stuff had been before surgery moved it all and now his body is filling the space with fluid. This was putting so much pressure on his lungs that he couldn't properly inflate them. He immediate showed signs of improvement and a few hours later into Friday night his gas levels where back were they wanted them to be. They were trying to get away with not placing the tube in because of the risk of infection and because he will most likely have this drain in for several weeks as his body naturally heals.

It is clear that he is still in a great deal of pain and they still cannot touch him without upsetting him. He just needs some rest now. Hopefully this is the corner we have all been waiting to turn and he will start to show signs of improvement. 


Tracy Meats said...

This journey will have bad days and good days...that is why most CDH parents refer to this journey as a roller coaster ride. There was a point my son had 3 chest tubes in and draining fluid. Stay strong for your little boy and have faith that he will continue to get stronger. Many prayers the chest tube is what he needed and prayers for strength for your little boy.

Keep fighting Charlie!! I hope Charlie has a good weekend and you will soon see him getting better. He just had a big surgery and needs rest.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Monica said...

Sorry yesterday was so tough guys. Progress isn't always linear, but God's holding Charlie in his hands the whole time....

Julie, the mama said...

What a blessing to have people like Tracy who have walked in your shoes. We continue to lift Charlie with unwavering faith in God's sweet love for your precious son. Hang in there, and let Charlie know all of the people that already love him!