Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Jingle Germs Strike Again

I brought Charlie to the pediatrician today because he runny nose from yesterday turned it a runny nose with a rattling, gunky cough. The cough and gunkiness seem particularly bad when he is trying to sleep and for the hour or so after he wakes up. That hour tends to be a feeding time, so we have been struggling there too.

We saw the nurse practitioner at our pediatrician's office and he was great. He made a point of really thoroughly listening to his chest and then explaining everything to me. His verdict was that right now it is just a cold and his lungs sound clear. He said it could be RSV, but it was not worth testing him right now. Unfortunately, if it is RSV it will get worse before it gets better, but the Synagis he has been getting should keep it from getting too serious.

So, please say a prayer for a speedy recovery! Charlie's CDH buddy, Carter, has been battling RSV too, so please say a little prayer for him as well!

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