Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Better

Charlie went back to the pediatrician's this morning for a check up on his lungs and breathing. He had not had a treatment since last night before bed and his lungs sounded great! So, we have been given a clean bill of health and can stop the nebulizer treatments unless he shows any signs that he needs some more help. He seemed to be doing much better throughout the day yesterday and only showed signs of wheezing when he was playing hard. So, hopefully we are well on our way to full recovery. Thankfully, it seems as if either it was a very mild case of RSV or the Synagis really did its job and helped make for an easy recovery.

He is definitely acting more than normal again! Yesterday afternoon he used his pop-up toy as a step, climbed on top of his toy box, stood up to look out the window and promptly fell behind the toy box, pinning himself against the wall. This all happened in the brief seconds when I walked to the next room. I had seen him standing on the toy, but never thought he would be able to get into the trouble that he did! Luckily he was not hurt other than a small scratch on his ear - but he was rather scared! He did not learn his lesson though since this morning, I turned away to blow my nose and sanitize my hands and when I turned back he was on top of his activity table! I didn't expect to have to deal with this kind of trouble already! He is only 11 months old! I am a little frightened about what the future may hold!

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