Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Jingle Germ Saga Continues

Yesterday Charlie's snotty congestion changed to a raspy wheezy congestion so we made a trip back over to the pediatrician's to have it looked into. They all concluded that he was wheezing and that his lungs sounded crackly. They decided to try a nebulizer treatment with Xopenex and it worked wonders. Within 20 minutes of finishing his first treatment his lungs sounded clear.

So, we were sent home with a nebulizer and are giving him treatments every 6 hours. They had us bring him in this morning for another listen to his lungs and they are sounding good with the medication, so this is what we will continue for the time being. He goes back on Wednesday morning for another check.

The unofficial diagnosis is that he has bronchiolitis brought on by RSV. The RSV test came back negative, but they feel the result was false since he is presenting as a typical case of RSV. Luckily it seems as if his Synagis injections are helping to fight it since he is not nearly as sick as he potentially could be. The nighttime is the hardest on him, so pray for sound sleep for all of our sakes!


Liz and Shane said...

hope he gets better soon. Love his picture with his snow jacket.

Dee said...

Prayers sent for a speedy recovery