Friday, January 29, 2010

counting down

Charlie will be ONE in just six short days! It is so hard to believe how quickly this past year has gone and the progress he has made! It is strange feeling to reflect one where we were a year ago right now. We had no idea!

We went to the pediatrician's on Wednesday for our third Syanagis injection. From sitting in the examining room and listening to everyone around us, it seems as if the RSV season is out of control around here. Everyone was there for RSV symptoms or RSV follow up exams. The receptionists know my concerns though and ushered us right into the examining room to avoid time in the waiting area with everyone. Charlie had lost a little weight (8oz) since he was there a couple weeks ago, but no one seemed concerned about it. I am sure it is due to (a) him moving non-stop and burning calories like crazy, (b) the fact that he is just getting over being sick, and (c) he is still giving us a hard time when it comes to taking his food. I think we have the only D'Angelo boy who does not love to eat! The pediatrician gave him a head to toe once over and said he looks great though. He has a molar coming in already - that makes for 5 teeth moving in all at once! Quite possibly another reason for not wanting to eat!

Other than that there is nothing new to report from here! We are looking forward to taking Charlie to his daddy's basketball game next week. Vince coaches our parish's varsity CYO team. Tuesday is their senior night and they are playing my alma mater, so we thought it would be an appropriate first basketball game to attend. We will probably stick to the non-crowded corner of the gym, but it will be a good time! And of course our little birthday celebration on Thursday before his big party later this month! Exciting times!

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