Monday, August 31, 2009

God Bless Charlie

Charlie was baptized at Holy Family Church with our friends and family present to join in the celebration on Saturday morning. Deacon Nick, who has supported us since we received our diagnosis and who baptized him the night he was born, performed the ceremony. It was a very special celebration for all of us.

Our good friend Ted is Charlie's Godfather and we are sure he will guide Charlie from this point on. We could not think of a better choice than Dee for his Godmother. She has been his (and our) guardian angel from the beginning and loves him so much! We are so blessed to have both Ted and Dee willing to fulfill these roles in our little boy's life!

We truly appreciate everyone who came and helped celebrate. You have all meant so much to us this past year and have supported us all in ways you can not possibly understand. We know how blessed Charlie is to have you in his life.

The heirloom bonnet did not last very long with Mr Grabby Hands, but it has been tucked away in a safe place for his future bride to carry down the aisle as a kerchief some day.

I am a happy holy baby!

So, the problem with multiple people taking pictures is that no one is ever looking at the same camera at once! :-)

Our big boy with his AMAZING Godparents!!

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Kate said...

Well I just know K will love the bonnet to carry down the isle! :) haha- So sorry we weren't there, and I've been meaning to text u and I will soon- prolly as soon as I am down with this comment. :) I am glad things went well- aside from the whole cake incident. Give Charlie ad big kiss for us!! :)