Wednesday, September 2, 2009

D-Day Anniversary

One year ago today our lives were changed forever when we were told that something didn't "look quite right" on our routine sonogram and they thought it might be a diaphragmatic hernia. We received our official diagnosis the following week at the specialist, but we knew deep down, despite what we hoped, that there was not really reason to believe that the diagnosis would be any different than what we had been told. Rationally we knew that the technician wouldn't see something if it weren't really there. So, one year ago today began the journey that we never imagined we would take. We did not know what our future held, but we had faith that we would make it to the other side together - come what may!

This is the video Vince has been working on since the night my water broke, capturing moments on the camera here and there. It is an amazing story and one that we are proud to share with you. Enjoy!


Kate said...

Love love love the video! You must have put a massive amnt of hours into this- and watching the video makes me so mad bc I NEVER thought to take pics of K with her guardian angels! Never crossed my mind to do that-GRR!! I love the voice overs- (or whatever they are called.) You did a great job!! It took me a while to watch as when I saw it was posted all I wanted to do was watch, but K did not. haha I tried to tell her she was in it- but she didn't listen!! :)

Dee said...

Fantastic job, loved it what a lot of work you put into this, and you,

Liz and Shane said...

awesome job on the video!