Monday, August 10, 2009

Food Time!

The six month marker we met last week also meant that we were all clear for starting some "real" food. As I have mentioned before, we decided to give the Super Baby Diet a try and because it is based on whole grains, it is recommended that you wait until six months so that the digestive system is a little more mature. We had no real reason to start any earlier, so we waited it out!

Charlie is starting with the Super Porridge made of organic brown rice. Once he proves successful with that we will tweak it and add different grains in and start with some fruits and veggies too. I have been trying to keep an eye out for fresh locally grown fruits and veggies that I can freeze for now, so that we can use them to make food later on once he is ready. We went blueberry picking last week and have a little stock pile in our chest freezer in the basement now!

For now he is getting cereal twice a day. His first cereal went fairly well yesterday. It was a messy ordeal and he does not like finishing the entire portion, but as with everything, we will go at Charlie's pace!

First bite: "Hmm... What's this??"

"Uh, guys... why do you keep smearing this stuff on my face??"

"OK, I get it - - you put it in my mouth and I spit it out..."

Round 2: We got smart and took his outfit off before starting! :-)

Here we go again...

"Clean and dry! Chillin' in my crib!"

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