Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Amazing Six Months

Charlie is 6 months old today! It is so hard to believe. In the grand scheme of life, 6 months seems like nothing and yet the past 6 months have changed our lives so drastically. And to look back at where Charlie was 6 months ago versus today, it is mind boggling! When we were up at the hospital visiting Melissa, Walt, and Noah last week, Melissa and I were talking about what a huge difference 6 months makes at Charlie and Noah's stage, but in no time at all you will not even be able to tell that there is a difference between them. Life is amazing!

Charlie started sitting up by himself last week. He cannot pull himself into a sitting position yet, but if you sit him up, he is pretty steady! He's very strong! And yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, his random screeching and screaming turn into more purposeful sounds - - dadadadada, yayayaya. Still just sounds, but definitely progressing towards something more! He is still chewing and slobbering like crazy, but no signs of any teeth yet.

Luckily, his reflux seems to be under control since restarting the reglan and his feedings are around 6 oz each again. Over the weekend, Charlie decided that sleeping through the night was a good idea and after we woke him to feed him before we went to bed at 11 or 12, he would sleep right through to 7 or 8 the next morning. The past couple of nights he has been waking up again for a bottle at around 4, so he is still calling the shots just as he has been since day 1! :-)

Serious Charlie

Smiley Charlie

Charlie and Chloe sharing some tummy time together

"Those are awfully big eyes you have Chloe. And and awfully big nose.
Can I grab them? Please?"

Sitting up all by himself!
I moved the "just in case" pillows to take the picture. Right after I got the picture, he looked up to see what I was doing and... CLUNK... toppled over and clunked his head...

There were some tears, but after a hug and getting his toy back, he was fine. And Chloe was completely unfazed by all the action, as you can see. :-)


Monica B said...

in 'serious charlie' he looks a lot older! it's like a little preview of the future :)

Liz and Shane said...

Happy 6 months Charlie! you are a cutie pie! love the doggie pics