Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tis the season to be jolly...

It has been a busy few weeks getting ready for the holidays! It is going to be a quiet one at home for the most part, but it is sure to be a memorable one regardless! We are fully aware of how lucky we are to be able to celebrate as a family this year. We have experienced many miracles this past year that have gotten us where we are today.

In Charlie news, he is doing fantastically well! He had his "9 month" check up a couple weeks ago at the pediatrician's. While I was not completely thrilled with how our pediatrician handled our appointment, he did not seem to have any problems with Charlie and his progress thus far! He gained a little more weight and was up to 20 pounds 6 ounces and measured in at 30 inches - though he was throwing such a fit as she tried to measure him, that I am not sure how she was able to get an accurate length! Unfortunately, as a result of our MANY trips to the pediatrician's for flu shots (4 total!) and now synagis shots, Charlie has learned to fear everyone there. He screams and cries as soon as anyone touches him, whether they are actually doing anything to hurt him or not. It is rather upsetting for me to see him so upset, but obviously the appointments are a necessity!

Charlie's walking continues to get better and better. He loves being mobile and no longer likes to be held still! The sippy cup still does not go over very well. He really wants nothing to do with it. As for finger foods, he LOVES his puffs! We have managed to teach him sign language for "more" but he has come to equate that sign with his puffs and asks for his puffs by making the sign. He really does not enjoy anything else that we have given him for finger foods - canned fruit, toast, cooked veggies, pasta. He doesn't seem to understand what to do with them and fights you when you try to put it in his mouth for him. He will learn with time though! Feedings are going fairly well. He has been taking his bottles well every day. He still has good and bad days when it comes to his food though.

He is starting to connect words with objects now. There are a couple toys that he will go and get when you ask them where they are (his sock monkey ornament from Dee and his lion rattle). Some days it seems like he knows "dada" and connects it with Vince - but then there are days like yesterday when he said dada to everything and everyone. He says something that sounds like "kitty" when he sees the cats sometimes. And with the influx of new toys he has received, he has started almost saying "ball" from time to time.

Charlie seems to be a bit mind boggled by everything having to do with the holidays so far! From chopping down the tree and putting it in our house, to gift wrapping and new toys left and right - he is loving every minute overall! Dee even made it possible for Charlie to spend a couple minutes sitting on Santa's lap! She arranged it for us to "crash" the NICU family Christmas breakfast and be first in line to sit on Santa's lap. He seemed a little overwhelmed and only lasted a few seconds before crying out to be taken away from Santa. Dee was happy to console him afterwards though! Grandma and Grandpa D'Angelo have headed to Florida for the holidays, so we celebrated with them a couple weeks ago. Charlie made out with bunches of great new toys and a toy box to store them all in! Now, if we could just teach him to pick up after himself! :-)

Winter has been far more mild around here than is typical, but we have made it out to experience the snow for a couple minutes here and there. Charlie likes to look at it and seems a bit perplexed by it. Once he touches it and gets his hand cold though, he is no longer happy to be out in it. Thinking about him toddling around in it later this season or next year is just amazing - so much to look forward to!

Charlie is his blue sweatsuit that used to belong to daddy!

"I don't know about this guys!!"

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa D'Angelo

"Choo Choo! Coming through!"
Riding around on his new train from the Hinamans

"I love my new lion from Aunt Sheri!"
P.S. I really can't ride it by myself yet - I just like to pretend!

"Here's my monkey from Aunt Dee!"
(This is the rocking chair my PopPophad made for
me on my first Christmas many many years ago!)

Big Smiles!

Driving Mr Charlie

Showing our SU pride before Daddy headed
out to take his basketball team to the game!

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