Friday, December 4, 2009

Double Digits!

Our little Charlie is 10 months old today! Its hard to believe! Where has the time gone?! He is doing amazingly well and is such a little man! He gets better and better at things every day.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice - an enjoyable time spent with family and friends. Even though it was an "off" day for his schedule, he was still a very happy baby all day and evening. He loves having people around to show off for!

We were finally approved for our Synagis shots to protect him against RSV this winter. Thankfully they approved us for 5 injections, so we should be good for the entire season. We went on Monday to get the first injection. Because the medication is based on weight, he required more medicine that could be given in one shot. (He weighed in at 20 pounds even!) So the poor baby needed an injection in each leg. And to make it worse, after four flu shots in less than two months, he has learned to be afraid and started crying hysterically as soon as I laid him down. Luckily daddy will be able to come with us next time!

After his appointment Monday morning we went over to visit with Dee and she watched Charlie for a few hours while I did some holiday and grocery shopping. When I returned she had given him a sock monkey ornament off her Christmas tree. He loves it! When you ask him where his monkey is, he looks around until he finds it and goes and picks it up. Such a smart little boy!!

He has been moving around more and more lately too. He cruises along the couch and between his toys with no problem. Earlier this week he started taking a few shaky steps on his own. He gets better and better at it every day.

He has also progressed from making random noises to definitely trying to communicate more logically now. He is saying something, we just can't figure it out. He keeps saying what sounds like "hiya" over and over. And just now as I was pointing at his hand and saying no as he was trying to grab the laptop, he started pointing at me and yelling something back. We are in trouble!

We are going to cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow, so we are sure that he will be in awe of all that goes along with that! We are really excited for this holiday season and everything just seems that much sweeter and more special this year. We know how blessed we are and we truly appreciate every facet of each experience we have.

We do think often of all the families missing their sweet babies and how hard this time of the year must be for them. Know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. And please, continue to pray for Baby Briana and the Hayes family. Briana was born at Crouse early Wednesday morning and was put on ECMO a few hours later. She had a very stable day yesterday and is in very good hands, but still needs all the prayers we can spare.

Remember to count your blessings and enjoy the little things this time of the year brings! Don't get caught up in all the chaos and stress! Its just not worth it!

"Come on guys! Lets eat!"

"I'm ready for some turkey!!"

Eman and Charlie happened to bring the same pajamas
to Nana's house on Thanksgiving! Kodak moment!

"I gotcha Chester!"


Liz and Shane said...

Charlie is so cute and growing so fast. Glad you got approved for him to get his RSV shots. Nayeli got her first last month and goes for 2nd next week. I cry with her when she gets shots. It looks like your Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Charlie is a miracle and he inspires others.
thanks for the update

Jim & Angela Hayes said...

Its good to hear that Charlie is doing so well. We are very happy to hear good news and it makes us feel better. He's a cute little man. Thank you for your support of us, it means the world. Have fun cutting down your Christmas tree! We certainly remember Mackenzie's first Christmas, so we are very happy for your family. Keep up the good work Charlie!

Liz said...

I couldn't help but laugh at the picture of charlie holding (pulling?) the cats tail. priceless... that's one good kitty!