Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

"It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart." - anonymous

This year we are thankful for:

our journey over the past year. It has made us stronger, better people and we would not change a single second of it.

our families who have been there for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually through all our trials and triumphs – whether they were across town or across the country.

our friends who always looked out for us and knew when we needed them next to us and when we needed our space to breathe.

having a home to call our own. Even when fur balls can be found in the corners and dirty dishes in the sink, it is ours and is perfect in every way.

the ability to downsize to one income without suffering. We are lucky to have everything that we do.

all of the new people we have met and grown close with over the past year. Our family has grown exponentially and we would not be where we are without each of them.

all of the CDH families whom we have crossed paths with in one way or another. We hope that we have provided an inspiration for you as you have for us.

our camera that is always close at hand that has allowed us to document every moment of our lives. Being able to relive moments time and time again through pictures is such a blessing.

all of our blog followers, especially those who still check in with us now that life is so wonderfully boring. We have always been able to feel your love and support across the web.

our faith in God and all that is good in the world. We have been shown that blessings exist in every moment whether you see them at that time and place or not.

our love for each other – 11 years in the making - that has grown more than we ever thought possible and continues to grow with each passing day.

every month, week, minute, and breath that we have spent with our amazing miracle of a son, Charlie. We never knew we could love this deeply and are so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives.

For all these things and countless more, we are so grateful this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Liz and Shane said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Wonderful post. Charlie is cute and growing up so fast.