Friday, October 2, 2009

Check with your Pharmacist!!

My sister-in-law just called - she is a pharmacist - and let me know that there has been a recall on Ranitidine (the generic form of Zantac - real Zantac is fine!). This is the medication that Charlie is on, so we will be getting a new bottle from a lot number that is not affected my the recall. They did not give her a reason for why is was being recalled, just that it was as a precaution, but call your pharmacist and make sure you are not affected by the recall or get new meds if you are! Thanks Sheri!! :-)


Liz and Shane said...

Nayeli is on Zantac too. Thank you we will call
So scary that it's been recalled along with Tylenol too.

Sarah and Barry Mayer said...

Oh my, thank you so much for the info as Jaxson is also on Rantidine and due for a refill consequently!