Monday, September 28, 2009

Visiting Policy

Now that cold and flu season are upon us, we will be being extra careful with Charlie to make sure that we do all we can to keep him healthy. His lungs are obviously still recovering and developing and we do not want anything to interfere with that! Vince and I are getting our flu shots tomorrow and Charlie will be getting his the next day. Once the H1N1 vaccine is available we will also be getting that shot. We obviously recommend that everyone follows the advice being given to get the seasonal flu shot that is available now and possibly the H1N1 if it becomes available to the mass public. Doing all you can to keep yourself healthy should be important to you and it benefits everyone else as well!

After much discussion between Vince and I, we have decided that Charlie will be staying out of the public eye until spring time. We never brought him out to many places anyways, but he will have to live without the trips to Target that he has come to love! No malls, grocery stores, or restaurants for him! When it comes to social gatherings at people's homes we will make that call then as to what is best for Charlie. There are too many factors to consider to make one sweeping statement about what will be best.

As for visitors, we do not want to cut off Charlie's time with everyone and we trust that our friends and family who love Charlie so dearly will not do anything to put him in danger. If you are sick, think you might be getting sick, have been around people who are sick - please stay away. If you are planning on visiting after being out where you may be in contact with many germs, please bring a change of clothes. (We always change our clothes after being out at the grocery store, Walmart, church, etc and Vince always changes when he gets home from work before touching Charlie.) When you get to the house, please wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you come in (even if you are just coming from your own house) and sanitize or wash them occasionally while interacting with Charlie. We don't like to be rude or demanding, so please don't make us put our foot down because we have to do what is best for Charlie.

Hopefully by being overly cautious we will avoid any complications down the road. We are looking forward to a quiet, uneventful next few months! In all honesty, this is not much more than what anyone with a healthy baby should be doing! Its just good practice for keeping people in good health in general! Thank you everyone for being understanding and adhering to our standards! :-)

"Watch out Daddy! I am going to drool on your face!!"

"Hi there big guy! My name is Charlie too! Pretty cool, huh??"
from our visit with Charlie's great grandparents
in Saratoga Springs two weekends ago

The family who lives up the street from us let us borrow some of
their Baby Einstein DVD collection. Charlie was rather mesmerized!

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