Monday, July 6, 2009

creatures and Charlie butts!

I have been working to collect pictures of all Charlie's outfits with creatures on the butt. He has many! I am finally getting to posting them. Please note that these pictures took place over many weeks, so you may notice some differences in Charlie's size from pic to pic. Enjoy!!

"ferociously cute"

"go bananas"

"little squirt"

There's no cute quote on the giraffe outfit! Guess he's cute enough on his own!


"dog gone cute"

Charlie is so going to hate me some day for this one!!
I just wanted to prove that his butt is cute even without a creature! :-)


Candice and Rob Beal said...

omg 2 cute! where did you find those outfits? I soooo want to get some for mister Jackson......your boy still is just the cutest....hope all is well

love candice brooke

Liz said...

I remember seeing one of those outfits with a doggie on the butt a while ago in your pictures & I just loved it!!!! (just ask Vince) Super cute!!!!!