Friday, June 26, 2009

growing boy...

Charlie was weighed again yesterday by our public health nurse Gloria and he packed on another 11 ounces this week! He is up to 14 lbs 1oz!! You can really see the weight gain on him too. He is getting little rolls on his arms and legs and his face is rounding out. He is really just getting bigger all around. She measured him at 26 inches - though I do not know how accurate a measurement it was due to his constant wiggling! He is not a little baby any more - - he is really getting to be a big boy!

Developmentally he is right on task with everything, with the exception of rolling over. He has yet to make that move. He does twist and contort his body from side to side and if he ever does roll over I am sure it will be completely accidental as he hates being on his belly. I am not sure if it is something related to his repair or just his preference, but he SCREAMS and arches his back, pulling his head, shoulders, and legs up off the floor whenever you put him on his belly. It is a little better when you prop him up on the boppy pillow, but it still doesn't last too long!

We are getting down to the end of our supply of frozen breast milk and unfortunately I am just not producing enough through pumping to keep up with what he eats. He only breast feeds one or two times a day at best and I pump through the rest of the day. He just is not great at breast feeding. Everyone says how breast feeding is the most natural thing, but it certainly does not seem that natural! I did just talk to the pediatricians because we were worried about starting formula for fear of introducing true dairy to his system. Vince has a fairly severe milk allergy (an actual allergic reaction - swelling and anaphylactic shock - not just upset tummies) and we know there is a small chance of passing that on. To be safe, the NP at our office wants us to use Isomil, a soy based formula for the time being. I am not sure when we will actually test the waters, but this is the solution for now! Hopefully all will go smoothly and we will be able to continue to report weight gains!!

I love it when daddy dresses me! Go SU!!

Its so much cooler when you wear a washcloth on your head!
Mommy's little cabbage head!

Whew! Strawberry picking is hard work!
Grocery store convenience is totally worth the extra money guys!!

This is the best toy ever!!

Look at the post from one month ago below
("Still Slow and Steady" May27th)
Do I look any chubbier???

Here kitty kitty kitty...

Why hello there Stormy... come a little closer...


brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Just a note: we tried Isomil and it did not settle well. Prosobee (soy based Enfamil) works much better. If you try the Isomil and it doesn't work, ask about Prosobee.

He looks so great! I can't believe how big Charlie is getting.

Candice and Rob Beal said...

I love to read your post they are so it makes me so happy to see that Charlie is doing so well. We are due in July and i know God is going to heal our little man as he has done for yall. We just keep praying! I just wanted you to know that i keep up with your story and your little man is the most handsome thing ever!

Lots of love Candice