Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Trips, Reflux, and Reasons to Celebrate

This past weekend we made the trip up to Canton for the Olmstead family BBQ with Miss Kayla as the guest of honor. It was a long ride in the car, but definitely worth it! It was great to see Kate and Jerry and Kayla, and Charlie enjoyed himself! And Vince definitely enjoyed the great spread! The Olmsteads sure know how to throw a BBQ!

I swear that Kayla was not crying until we all got together to take this picture.
Its like she knows...

Charlie and Mommy - all smiles!

At least the mommies know how to look at the camera!

On Tuesday Charlie and I made a solo trip to Rochester to see my grad school girl friends. They all meet up for dinner once a month and I have not been able to make it since last December for obvious reasons! We surprised them by showing up and Charlie loved all the attention! I think the girls were a bit in love with him too and we were all so happy for them to finally meet the little man!

Monday night into Tuesday morning, Charlie's reflux suddenly took a turn for the worse. It seemed pretty sudden, so we are not sure what brought it on, but he was really uncomfortable during his feedings and was choking on his bottle regularly. After a bit of doctor run around and trying to figure out which doctor would make the call, Charlie has been placed back on reglan as of last night. He has been doing ok and will hopefully continue to improve.

AND, reasons to celebrate: Today is day 86 at home - - we have officially been home longer than we were in the hospital!! :-) It is strange how in retrospect, the days spent in the hospital seemed to take forever as compared to the days we have been home. I feel like time is flying now and he is just growing and changing so much every time I turn around! He is amazing! In other reasons for celebration, Charlie's Aunt Sheri is getting married this weekend and we are so happy for her and Uncle Trevor! They stopped over for a visit last night and Charlie was so happy to see them! He was a happy bouncer until far past his bedtime! :-)

Charlie is quickly learning he has many hidden talents!
Including his ability to eat his toes! :-)


brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

WOW! How time flies once you get home. I can't believe you've already been home that long. LOVE the picture of him chewing on his toes. Sorry to hear the reflux monster is back, but hoping the Reglan does the trick!

Liz and Shane said...

He is getting so big! He is so cute! I love his picture with him eating his toes. I hope the reflux gets better. Nayeli has great days then bad ones. She takes Reglan 3x a day. THe 4th one is skipped because she is sleeping.