Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Every party has a pooper...

And Charlie was it!! :-) Vince threw Charlie and I a great party over the weekend to celebrate my birthday and Charlie's homecoming. It was over at Shove Park in our neighborhood and we had a great time. It was a little chilly for the end of May and quite breezy, but it was great for everyone to finally be able to meet Charlie and get together for a good time. Even Nurses Dee and Cynthia made it over for a little while!

I kept Charlie close to me the whole time and was initially a little nervous about the prospect of new germs, but we were out in the fresh air and everyone was great about not hanging all over him. Charlie was very well behaved and actually slept most of the time... until the end when he pooped more than I have ever seen and it ended up one side and down the other! Luckily Cynthia was able to help me strip, clean, and change him out of the back of my SUV. It was a really great day all around and Vince did a fantastic job pulling it all together! 

Charlie meeting his great-grandmother (GG) for the first time

All the Scannell aunts, uncles, cousin, and Nana

Our little family

Cousin Emanual, wishing someone would play with him!

four generations

The Charlies - Poppop and Great Grandson

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