Saturday, May 16, 2009

much to catch up on

My first week at home alone with Charlie was a good one! We are still lacking a solid schedule, but we are settling into some kind of routine. His feedings at the start of the week were only so-so. He had the rotavirus vaccine when he was at the pediatrician's, so we are wondering if maybe that slowed his appetite a little because he would not take as much for a few days. He is doing better with them now. Unfortunately that does mean we did not have a weight gain this week, but he didn't lose anything - so we are taking that as a plus!

Mothers Day was very nice. We had some family over and cooked out. Very simple and low-key, but it was good. And our family was very happy to get to visit with Charlie!

Charlie with Uncle Will and Priscilla

Chilling with Aunt Liz

Nana getting to hold Charlie for the first time

Wednesday was a busy day! The Olmsteads had an appointment in Syracuse with Kayla, so they stopped over for a visit! It was great to see them and Charlie and Kayla finally got to spend some time together! Getting a good picture of two babies is near impossible though! Baby K is doing well though and everyone is happy to be home!!

"Mommy, why is she so loud??"

Kayla: "Hello over there!" 
Charlie: "How you doin'?"

That afternoon we had a follow-up appointment at Dr Ratner (surgeon). I expected a quick and easy appointment. Dr Ratner was very pleased with Charlie and his progress. He did put him on Zantac to help protect his esophagus due to his reflux issues. This will work along with the Reglan he is already on. (We had quite the adventure getting the new med because the pharmacist filled it as 4 mls 3x a day, when it was supposed to be 0.4 mls 3x a day. Luckily I realized it didn't seem quite right and asked Dee about it who conferred with Dr Bode and helped us figure it out!) Dr Ratner also ordered more blood work to check his bili number (jaundice) and wanted a chest xray. So, we had to go all over and visit many germy places. It was quite nerve wracking for me and Charlie didn't really enjoy it either. Then to add to the drama, the bandaid they put on his heel after getting his blood work slipped off and he was bleeding all over his outfit and blanket while we were waiting for the xray. I assumed the chest xray would be no big deal because he has had tons of them, but this was completely different! They strapped him into this plexi-glass contraption with his legs hanging below him and his arms straight over his head - it was horrible and he screamed like crazy. And I will probably go down in the books as the worst mother ever, but I took a picture just so that everyone else could fully appreciate the experience because I knew my explanation could never do it justice! Dr Ratner said he will review the xray with us at out appointment next month. His bili results came back and are improving. He was at 12.4 when he was discharged, 9.1 when the pediatrician checked last week, and 8.4 this time. Slowly but surely!

"Mommy! Put the camera down and rescue me!!"

Wednesday night Aunt Sheri got to meet her nephew for the first time! She is in town from Florida and came over for dinner and Charlie time! Uncle Dave also flew in from Florida on Thursday and has spent some time with Charlie this weekend! He had never held a baby before Vince plopped Charlie in his hands (after he thoroughly washed them, of course! :-) ). Dee finally came for a visit on Thursday as well! Charlie was very excited to see her and snuggle up for a couple hours! 

Aunt Sheri is a natural!

Uncle Dave is pretty good at this too!

All the D'Angelo boys!

So, things are going well. He is sleeping great at night. We wake him up about every 3 hours for his feedings and meds, but he falls right back to sleep. He even eats while sleeping much of the time! He is just a really good baby and we are so lucky! I will try to be better about posting throughout the week. We just need to find a routine that works! :-)

We are very proud of our lilac bush! We haven't killed it yet! :-)


Maxton's Mommy said...

Charlie is just TOO cute. :-) I love his face in the first Kayla picture.. hehe. Looks like they will be good buddies.

Liz and Shane said...

Charlie is such a cutie! Nayeli was put in that same tube last Thursday at her CDH clinic day. I also have a pic posted. She screamed the entire time. I am just glad it was fast. Nayeli is on Zantac and Reglan too. She didnt like Zantac at first now she loves it. Kayla and Charlie are so cute in their picture together. You will get a schedule going. It takes a little time. I love seeing Charlie grow.