Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Update from HOME

Things here are going well. I still have a feeling of being overwhelmed, but it is not with Charlie - he has been pretty good all things considered. I am just overwhelmed with the reality of being home and I really miss the NICU. We made some great friends there over the past three months and I really miss them. I never expected that. Nurse Cynthia already came and visited us on Sunday and Nurse Dee checks in on us every couple of days and will hopefully be visiting soon. 

It is pretty obvious that Charlie misses everyone as well because he cries more now than he ever did at the hospital. :-) This is partly because his routine in all messed up and it seems like he is always over-tired. He still talks and smiles when he is in the mood though. He is going to be very sad when daddy goes back to work tomorrow and all he has to entertain him is me all day long! He is accustomed to an entire fan club - one mommy is a hard adjustment to make!

We go to the pediatrician for our first visit on Thursday. Hopefully Charlie has gained some weight! He is eating pretty well, but who knows if it is enough to fill out those scrawny arms and legs yet! We will let you know!


cheryl said...

He is so beautiful! I'm certainly hoping and praying that God will see to it that things continue to go well..

Tracy Meats said...

Charlie is beautiful and I am really happy to see pics from home!! Many prayers he justs thrives at home and you see a weight gain at the doctors this week.

BrianB said...

That first picture Charlie as an indignant look, like "What do you think you're doing taking my picture?"


Dee said...

More great shots of that handsome boy!!! Patti enjoy your time, I'm sure Vinnie can't wait to get his hands on him once he gets home!! Every day you will see him change and grow...enjoy every moment!!