Thursday, October 16, 2008


We went for our MRI this morning.  It was quicker than expected and we are hoping that they got all the information that they needed because Gumdrop decided that it was a great time to practice some cartwheels.  Mom only slightly hyperventilated once, but overall is was not as horrible an experience as she presumed it would be.  We chatted with the technician afterwards and he has never seen this defect, but they have also only recently started using MRIs to look at unborn babies.  Monday Dr. Spadola should give us a call to let us know what the radiologist found, so we will let you know then!  

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Julie, the mama said...

My mother-in-law, Sharon Boucek, forwarded your blog to me and I've been following your pregnancy closely ever since. Gumdrop is just the cutest little thing ever. I so loved seeing the pictures. Many thanks for sharing your story with us. We continue to lift your sweet family, and especially Gumdrop, in prayers.

I just had my second child 7 weeks ago and I feel you on the sickness thing! Hope you feel better soon.

Keep the updates coming.

Praying for you in Charlottesville, Virginia,

Julie Boucek