Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one more speed bump...

We are 27 weeks now and at our appointment with Choices West yesterday we had to do our glucose tolerance test.  It was not a pleasant experience as mom is still queasy in the morning and drinking orange sugar water is not pleasant for a sick stomach.  And her veins would not cooperate, so that was another challenge.  Other than that, the appointment went well.  Heartbeat was strong.  Only a couple more pounds were gained.

Angela, the triage nurse at Choices West and our personal savior these past weeks, called this afternoon with the unfortunate news that the glucose test did come back positive.  Just one more challenge to be dealt with, but I am ready for something to work out easily for once.  It seems like one speed bump after another on this journey.  So, we are picking up a meter at Wegmans tonight, meeting with Angela to get some more information tomorrow afternoon, and meeting with a nutritionist Friday morning.  Gestational diabetes is obviously not the worse thing to be facing, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  Especially when we have been trying so hard to do the right things.  Everything for a reason though!  

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