Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June Rewind: Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is one of our rituals of summer that we look forward to. Nothing can quite compare to fresh local strawberries, especially after months of eating fruits shipped to the area from across the country. We now have sliced strawberries frozen and ready for shortcake whenever the mood strikes us!

Charlie's first strawberry picking involved him sleeping in his carseat in the middle of the field. Last year, he was eating strawberries as quickly as we were picking them. This year he really 'got it' and was intent on picking strawberries and filling everyone's containers. His favorite phrase was 'It's perfect!' as he would hold up his latest berry treasure! (Unfortunately, they were often less than perfect after being man-handled by him as he struggled to pull them off the plants - - but he was so excited, so how can you argue with that?)

ready to hit the fields

searching for the perfect starting place

working hard

helping Grandma

'It's perfect!'

showing off his bounty

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