Thursday, June 9, 2011


We added some strawberry plants to our garden adventure for this summer. We have no experience with strawberries and were more than a little surprised when we opened our little paper bag from the garden store. They were an after thought, so they are in pots instead of an actual garden bed for this year. They are growing and have some flowers on them, so we will wait and see what comes of this effort!

The rest of our garden is actually progressing really well! (Considering any plant we touch tends to whither and die...) We have zucchinis starting and flowers on our tomato plants. Peppers are hanging in there. The mistake we made and realize now is that we planted 6 tomato plants and 2 zucchini plants in one bed and 6 pepper plants and 2 zucchini plants in the other bed. Zucchini plants should have all been on their own and away from the other plants because they are bordering on smothering the tomatoes and peppers. We are learning as we go! I will have to take and post some garden pictures soon to show off what we have going on! :-)

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