Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up

It seems like we might finally be free from the germs that have had a hold on our house the past couple of months. Well, more accurately, Charlie seems germ-free... Mommy and Daddy are still battling the perpetual congestion. We are getting there though. Here's a bit of where we have been over the past month (minus the days we have spent laid up on the couch!).

Our Totally Charming little man on St Patrick's Day

Never to early to start a Shamrock Shake tradition!

A taste of spring
(there was definitely a couple more ground covering
snow falls after this was taken a month ago, but we
are hoping that we are in the clear now!)

March Madness!

Taking a little ride around the yard.
Soaking in as much sun as we can!

Thanks for the great birthday gift
Aunt Sheri and Uncle Trevor!

We are hoping to try our hand at gardening this spring/summer
and decided to try starting a few seedlings ourselves.

Charlie was glad to help.
We will have to see if this helps him develop a taste for veggies!

And this is the beginning of what we hope
will be a nice little herb garden as well!
Keeping our fingers crossed!
(We don't typically do very well with plants!)


DevonLeah said...

WOW! He looks so grown up....his looks have totally changed. So cute, and glad he is well! =)

Monica B said...

I thought the same thing! He's looking so grown up :)