Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everyday fun

Charlie's newest infatuation is lining up all his vehicles just so.
While picking up toys the other night after he had gone to bed
we found this line up. Couldn't bring ourselves to put them away!

The line up at the bottom of the stairs a few days later luckily
did not end in any disasters! Not quite sure how the Hulk fits in!

Charlie "helping" mommy make pizzas for dinner.
This included picking at the crust and shoveling
pepperonis into his mouth as quickly as possible. :-)

Sweet boy hoping to bring SU some luck by sporting some orange.
It didn't work. :-/

Such a big boy! Studying his words... :-)

An M&M treat with cousin Eman.
(On a side note, Charlie had a really difficult time laying
on his belly comfortably - not sure why. Kept trying though
because he so wants to be like his cousin!)

Big smiles out playing in the snow!

Starting to get a little chilly...

Poor Chloe wondering why we were still outside in the cold :-)

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